Copernicus and Giancarlo, Astro Cat – Mentor and Apprentice

From the book, "The Tales of Astro Cat"

In the preface to his treatise De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, in which he propounds his theory of the heliocentric model of the planets, Nicolaus Copernicus acknowledges his gratitude for a certain “Giancarlo”, who, he said, “one warm September evening shocked me out of my intellectual torpor, thus helping me to understand the sense of this theory”.

Another sample of the rich literary and illustrative work running throughout the pages of “The Tales of Astro Cat”, Davis and Kathleen Horner © 2012.

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Introduction from The Tales of Astro Cat

Dave and Kathleen Horner are charming musicians, and they have written a charmingly lyrical fantasy about a long line of enterprising cats.  The ancestral cat hailed from Siam, the latest scion dwells in the Horners’ own house, and in the intervening centuries these resourceful creatures made their adventurous way through many a land – Italy, England, Ireland, America, even the moon – surviving battles and pirates and hobnobbing with such as Marco Polo, Galileo, Oliver Cromwell, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Charlie Chaplin.  Each of them took a scientific interest in the world around them and especially the guiding stars above them.

The story is embellished with colorful illustrations, and all in all it’s an entertaining way to learn as much as these clever cats do!

Guy Ottewell

Author of the Astronomical Calendar,

Lyme Regis, England

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June is the target for publication of The Tales of Astro Cat on Kindle. Meanwhile we’re waiting to hear from several literary agents. Marble is so excited we’re going to have to make this both a literary and a celebrity blog, because he is soon to be a famous feline!

How did all of this happen? One morning a few years ago we discovered Marble sitting quietly atop a newly acquired telescope.  Needless to say, it was startling and totally unexpected in a rather amusing sort of way.  This was the moment we realized there was much more to this cat than the eye could see.  It was then that he slowly helped us to come to understand his unique heritage and the long line of Astro Cats that were his great legacy.  He just decided that it was time to reveal the truth about his amazing ancestors and the stories that were passed on to him through the magic of The Purple Cone.  So now the beat goes on and on….

June is the tar…

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