“The Tales of Astro Cat” (Kindle Version) on the Virtual Bookshelf for Sale at Amazon Today

Announcing the publication of our “Illustrated Feline Family Chronicle” – The Tales of Astro Cat, by Davis and Kathleen Horner. It will be available for purchase as an eBook on the Kindle/Amazon site on Monday, May 21st, 2012, for $9.99.  ImageIf you don’t have a Kindle Reader, you can download a free Kindle reader to your PC or Mac and read it online. You will need an Amazon account – also free – to buy the book.

We are planning to publish the book to Nook (Barnes & Noble), Sony PSR-500, and iBooks very soon as well. Failing everything else, you can buy directly from us (PayPal) and we’ll send the .pdf file to you by email.

It has been a great deal of hard and fun work to bring this book to life. We hope all our readers are entertained and delighted, and we also believe that these stories may be a valuable tool for teaching and inspiring young and older readers to explore astronomy and the other sciences, and to discover our heritage of scientific discovery over the past several centuries. Please tell friends and associates about The Tales of Astro Cat, and send along any suggestions you might have of individuals or groups that would be interested.

Thank you for your support!

Davis and Kathleen Horner (and Marble, the present day Astro Cat)

By Astrocatblog