The Multiple eWays You Can read “The Tales of Astro Cat”

If you don’t have a “Kindle” or a “Nook” eReader, you can still read The Tales of Astro Cat!, the makers of Kindle, have a FREE download called “Kindle for PC” and also “Kindle for MAC” that similates a Kindle on your computer screen. You will then be able to read The Tales of Astro Cat and any other eBook.

 Barnes and Noble makes the eReader called Nook. They also have FREE downloads for PC or MAC that simulates a Nook on your screen.

 We also have our book at  As soon as this version goes up (soon!) it will be available on virtually every online retailer and can be read on Ipads, Androids and so forth.

 BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! You can simply contact us and we’ll send you a .pdf file of the book for the low, low price of $9.99!  PDF files can be read on virtually any computer in the world!



By Astrocatblog