The Talisman

The TalismanBk Print  TWO

From the eBook, “The Tales of Astro Cat”:

“As the day of U Phat Khat’s departure approached, Uthong decided it was time to present him with a precious gift – a gift that had been intended for the cat all along. U Phat Khat’s eyes began to dance when he saw it. It was a beautiful hat of conical shape, encrusted with ancient words and symbols. “It is the shape of wisdom and of power; it is the crown and the shape of wizardry. This small pouch will carry it as it hangs from your neck as a talisman. You can see that it also is emblazoned with words and symbols.”
The cat gazed at his gift and suddenly saw a great destiny unfolding before him – and sensed himself among crowds of brilliant lights and bright moving objects – but before he could fully grasp it the vision was gone.”

By Astrocatblog