A Look Inside the Tales of the Astro Cats

Now you can order a personalized copy of our book, “Tales of the Astro Cats: A Feline History of Great Astronomers”. Get it signed by both author, illustrator and Marble’s paw print including a special message for a gift book. We are unable to sign the Amazon and Barnes and Noble copies, therefore, support the creators of the book by going directly to their Etsy book store. Link: And if you are interested in old and rare books, come back later and check out Dave’s collection for sale. Local folks we still have signed copies of the book at Fiction Addiction bookstore here in town (Greenville, SC), too.

About the book: Astro Cat is an imaginary character with amazing skills, but (s)he is a cat; acts like a cat, thinks like a cat, some of an ordinary cat’s limitation; not a human in a fur suit.

The science, though presented in a whimsical way, is researched and accurate, as is the history. This is within the current trend toward “hard science” in speculative fiction. More and more books and movies are paying attention to this, e.g., Interstellar, The Martian.

We believe that, once Tales of the Astro Cats is published that it will lend itself naturally to being presented in other media, notably animation and 3D.

We also strongly believe that this story could be useful as a means of teaching science and the history of scientific discovery, especially in astronomy. The science in The Tales of Astro Cat is not extremely difficult or exotic, and it could easily be adapted into classroom lesson plans and other educational formats.

By Astrocatblog