About the book, “The Tales of Astro Cat”

Behind every great scientist stands a great cat. From the patriarch, U Phat Khat of the medieval Kingdom of Siam, through to the present day, this remarkable line of lynx point Siamese cats continually become entwined in the lives and careers of many of the great natural philosophers and scientists, both men and women, of the past 700 years, including Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, and Halley, up to the legendary figures of the twentieth century. Notable felines like Unity the Gravity Cat, Simon the Comet Cat, Alabaster Pericles – famed for A Trip to the Moon – and Perseus, also known as Schrodinger’s Cat, leap from these pages and take the reader on their amazing and sometimes strange adventures.

These cats, though not lacking in intelligence or curiosity, could not have made the contributions they did without the help of a certain conical shaped hat. Called the Purple Cone by some, its origins date back to antiquity – to Alexandria during the time of the astronomer Hypatia. This hat is handed down through generations of cats and endows its wearer with some unexpected virtues and powers.

The authors believe that The Tales of Astro Cat could also be a valuable resource for teaching both young and old about the history of scientific discovery and for sparking interest in learning more about astronomy and other areas. They are looking for resources and for educators in the field of science in hopes of letting them know about this book, and welcome suggestions or recommendations from readers.

The eBook is down for now, but exciting things are in the works for the book. Stay tuned!

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