The Constellations: Cat Tales

Now that we have published our first book together, we are presently working on another new book and it’s all about cats and stars again, but with a different perspective. We are not settled on a final title for the book so “The Constellations: Cat Tales” will have to suffice for now. The book will be geared to a younger audience…elementary aged students for sure!  It will also be a book that toddlers can read along with their parents and adults will just love the book for the illustrations if nothing else.  The book will contain about 12 separate short stories highlighting a constellation and the story or myth behind each one.  The constellation myths will borrow from the many different cultures around the world, ie, Native American, Greek, Aboriginal, Arabian, Chinese and many other traditions. Below are a few illustrations plus an excerpt from one of the stories about Hypatia, a great philosopher and teacher in astronomy and mathematics and Nyx, the cat at the location of the Library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt. (The Tales of Astro Cat © 2012)

Excerpt One…opening paragraph:

“Long ago in Alexandria, Egypt there lived a cat by the name of Nyx, named so after Nyx, the Goddess of Night by her companion, Hypatia, a great teacher and wise woman.  Nyx was a very intelligent and beautiful cat.  She had eyes as clear and blue as the Mediterranean Sea and a velvety coat the color of alabaster.  When she was very young, she became fascinated with how the stars in the night sky seemed to form shapes and pictures.  At night Nyx would sit for hours with her eyes fixed on one group of five gleaming stars.  As the seasons changed, the group of stars seemed to roll slowly around in one big circle in the sky.  Because she was young, she knew she had many more things to learn about the night sky.”

 “To her amazement, within the pattern of the five stars a figure of a woman sitting on a throne appeared before Nyx’s eyes.  The woman was very beautiful.  She looked sad and appeared to be crying as she combed her  long hair.  Nyx blinked her eyes.  Then at that moment, the woman turned her head, looked down at Nyx and softly smiled.  It was Queen Cassiopeia!”


 Excerpt Two…Hypatia teaches Nyx the names of the stars in Cassiopeia:

“Hypatia pointed to a lovely picture on the scroll of five stars.  She moved her finger over the paper and pointed to the first star of the constellation Cassiopeia.  “Here we have Epsilon and then Delta, Gamma is next, Alpha here and the fifth star, right here…Beta Cassiopeia.”  Nyx stared at the pattern of stars for a long time.  She wanted to remember each name.   She gave Hypatia a soft nuzzle on the cheek and thanked her for sharing the lesson of Cassiopeia.”



ARIES AND TAURUS: An Ancient Celtic Legend 


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