Look for Marble, Astro Cat in the November Skies During the Leonid Meteor Showers!

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William and Caroline Herschel Discover the Planet Uranus

Illustration from the book where William Herschel discovers the planet, Uranus, “The Tales of Astro Cat”, Chapter, “The Herschels”. Excerpt from the chapter where Jovianna (Astro Cat), beloved cat of the Herschels assists in the discovery of Uranus: “Ask her, then.” said William. “While I personally might give some weight to her opinion, I’m not sure if the astronomers of Europe would be convinced.” Caroline turned to Jovianna and asked, “So, what do you think, Liebchen, comet or planet?”. The cat bounded over to an empty wax tablet and made some scratch marks. “Planet, says the cat! William, you have discovered the seventh planet! Why won’t you just admit it?” William replied, “I will be the last to declare it a planet. After consensus has been reached I will say so. But,” he added, “I’ve got priority!” He grinned widely and gave a quick wink to Jovianna.   “The Tales of Astro Cat”, copyright 2012.Image

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Chapter Fifteen: Halley and his Comet; Chapter Seventeen: The King’s Astronomer; Chapter Twenty: Maria Mitchell


Inquiry Question: What are comets? What makes them unique among objects in the sky? How were astronomers like Edmund Halley able to tell the difference?

*”Halley’s Comet” was last visible from Earth in 1986. Ask your parents, or grandparents, if they were able to see Halley’s Comet.

*Show pictures of comets and explain their composition. Explain the features that astronomers look for. Explain how astronomers measure speed, trajectory and other behaviors when identifying comets.

* Why did some people have doubts about Halley’s ability to predict the comet’s return?

* Describe the discoveries of Caroline Herschel and Maria Mitchell during their telescopic sweeps of the sky.

Chapter Fifteen…

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Sphnix, Astro Cat on Mt. Wilson Observatory Dome

Sphnix, Astro Cat on Mt. Wilson Observatory Dome

Illustration from the book, Chapter “Hubble”:   Sphinx meditating on the Andromeda Galaxy while her beloved friend and mentor, Edwin Hubble, studies the galaxy inside behind the 100 inch Hooker telescope….history is made that night. (The Tales of Astro Cat © 2012)

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The Multiple eWays You Can read “The Tales of Astro Cat”

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Marble on Mars

marble on mars

This is how Marble sees himself in a couple of years. With a PhD. in astrobiology expected soon, he has his career unfolding before him. And he wants to go to Mars! He wants to ride the rover Curiosity on the surface of the Red Planet. He hopes NASA will choose him for this mission.

… and if not, he may just fly there on his own!

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